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The Royals Strike at the VIVO IPL - RCB vs RR

Author Priya Date 14 Apr 2018
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The Royals Strike at the VIVO IPL - RCB vs RR

It’s a spar amongst the royals! Predict & Win by Rummy Passion lets you call the shotsif you are a cricket fan and like to play online rummy. The first IPL match to be played between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) on April 15 at 4 PM will be worth witnessing. Which is your favourite royal team, or more specifically who do you think will win the duel? Simply log on to and answer five easy questions based on your forecast. Then submit your entry and play just 25 games during match hours. The next day, check the winner leaderboard to see if you have won a cool bonus prize!

Comparing the Royals

RCB began its IPL journey in 2018 with an astounding defeat against the team from Kolkata. The same fate unfolded for the royal team from Jaipur when it lost to the Hyderabad franchise. In that sense both teams sparring on the field will start on an equal footing. Virat Kohli, who is leading the RCB is hopeful of a win soon, and would like to lift his team’s spirits on Sunday, April 15. Ajinkya Rahane is at the helm of affairs for RR and would like to prove his captaincy with a win soon. Steve Smith is missing from the Rajasthan Royals team this season and will be dearly missed by team mates and fans alike.Rajasthan Royals have re-entered the Indian Premier League after two years and need time to re-establish their dominance. At the same time, Kohli and McCullum of RCB will need to prove their worth as they are the most expensive players for their franchise. On the Rajasthan side are Jaydev Unadkat and Stokes who are the two priciest players in the IPL, 2018, should perform well.

No matter how many players we compare from both sides, this is NOT an easy prediction. If we look at the past 17 matches from previous seasons, 8 were won by RCB. But out of the last 5 games, Rajasthan won three. So, no matter how we slice it, it could be anyone’s game!

Comparing Rummy Players

Cricket and Online Rummy are both competitive in nature. Sometimes big names continue to perform better and on other occasions, the underdogs steal the show. This lends a different kind of excitement to these games. What is a common trait exhibited by both sports? It is the love of thrill. Both require skills and mental agility, strategy, planning and a strong state of mind. You can win even if no one expects you to perform well. The outcome of rummy games depends on how skilled you are as a player and your own ability to turn the game in your favour. The same goes for cricket!

In the End

In the true spirit of sportsmanship, one needs to take losses and wins in stride. It is important to respect the winner and accept that one could have done better – in online rummy and cricket alike, there is always room for improvement. The point is not to just look at a particular win or loss but to have fun while you are at it. The journey is always more important than the destination!

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