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IPL Excitement on April 8 – Delhi Daredevils against Punjab Kings XI

Author Priya Date 07 Apr 2018
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IPL Excitement on April 8 – Delhi Daredevils against Punjab Kings XI

With the IPL (Indian Premier League) season just starting out, excitement amongst the spectators is beginning to take shape. Sports fans can now have double the fun with the Predict and Win offer from Rummy Passion. It’s a great chance for you to combine your cricket predictions with online rummy skills. The first match on April 8, 2018 at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi is at 4pm with Delhi Daredevils battling it out with Punjab Kings XI. The team from Punjab reached the semis in 2008 and have ended being runners-up in 2014.

Coach Vs. Coach

Delhi Daredevils coach Ricky Ponting is not paying heed to his team’s poor showing over the past several seasons and is trusting fresh players to deliver well in 2018, even to win the title this season. He is showing less aggression and the strategy seems to be more inspirational in his coaching technique. Excited about fresh blood on his team, Ponting will take his best shot at realising strategy on the field. In the past Delhi has made it twice to the semi-finals in the first 3 IPL’s. Ponting carries an impressive record, both as a player and also as coach of the Mumbai Indian team in 2015.

Brad Hodge stands on the same pedestal but on the other side of the fence. The underdog coach previously held the same position with Gujarat Lions. Walking the trenches with him is the team mentor director Virendar Sehwag, who should be able to influence playing strategy. Kings XI have had their ups and downs during the 2017 season, but they are poised well to take on their Delhi rivals.

Captain Vs. Captain

Gautam Gambhir leads the Daredevils – he is a good blend of familiarity and energy.He executes barrier free on the field and fights till the end. Being a batsman, Gambhir wants to win beat the bowlers of the opposing team down. It’s his natural instinct. If he is able to extend the same spirit to rest of the players, his team will be in good shape.Gautam Gambhir has captained Kolkata Knight Riders earlier.

Ravichandran Ashwin leads Kings XI this year. An ex Chennai Super Kings player, he is a bowler who cost the Punjab team Rs 7.6 crores. The off-spinner who is captain now assures to have different modus operandi which will elevate his team’s position on this year’s IPL cart. Ashwin missed the last season because he was injured. Yuvraj Singh and Chris Gayle lend his team the much needed oomph.

Spectators’ Delight

While its very early on in the season, the first match on April 8th is a balanced one. It can go either way. Both teams, captains and coaches are arguably on an even keel. When teams are more or less equally matched, the game becomes delightful to watch because predictions are difficult to make. While this IPL match may give you excitement on your TV or at the stadium, we at Rummy Passion give you another reason to rejoice. You can participate in our Predict and Win Bonus scheme and play rummy games on our tables for added fun during the match. You can compete with others while you play 13 card rummy games and possibly win some cool cash prizes too.

13 Card Rummy Vs 21 Card Rummy

Cricket offers different formats like test matches, one day matches and the electrifying T20 matches. The card game of rummy can also be played in different formats. There is almost no change in rules for the 13 Card Rummy and 21 card rummy formats. The main difference is in the time it takes to complete the game and the number of sequences one has to form. It goes without saying that the 13 card game is a lot faster and only one pure and one impure sequence is compulsory to declare. In the online version of it, players prefer the 13 card game as it is much more exhilarating.

To Sum Up

April and May bring in the long days of summer and the best way to spend them is to watch your favourite team play in the IPL while you participate in a league of your own – The Indian Rummy League! Predict the right answer in a simple quiz and play online rummy at RummyPassion during the match. You may be able to enrich your wallet while having a time of your life! To find out more, you can read our Indian Rummy League – Predict and Win blog. Read all Bonus T&C before participating in the promotional offer.

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