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How to Play Card Game Rummy - Tips And Cheat Sheet

Author Priya Date 03 Nov 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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How to Play Card Game Rummy - Tips And Cheat Sheet

Playing rummy at Rummy Passion is not a Herculean task, it is just a matter of forming valid sequences and or sets and whosoever does that successfully before others, wins the game. The trick lies in being quick, vigilant and proactive and of course exercising your mathematical genius to the best. Here are some tips and cheat sheet to turn the tide in your favour.

1. Don’t be overconfident

As you are dealt the cards and you notice that the cards are not good enough, you might need too many turns to achieve the task, it is better to drop the game. In this case, you would get a mere 20 points. It is far better than losing with higher points. If you do not play in your first turn, you automatically get dropped.

2. Don’t retain these cards

Be wary of the cards with high value, i.e. Jack, Queen, King and Ace- each of which holds 10 points. Do not commit the folly of holding them in your kitty. However, if you have 3 of them in the form of a set, then there is usually no need to worry. Another scenario is that you have 2 of them and can form an impure set using the wild card joker.

3. Make sure you have a Lifeline

A drowning man clutches to a straw. In this game, a pure sequence acts as that proverbial straw. So, first of all focus on forming a pure sequence as it would enable you to lower your points, just in case you happen to lose.

4. Be watchful

Keep a hawk’s eye on what cards your rivals are picking or dropping. It would aid you to contemplate what sets/sequences they might be attempting to form. Accordingly you can be cautious not to drop those cards that can help them. Apart from this, keep in mind all the cards that have been used in the game and the ones that might be there in the closed deck.

5. Ingenious use of Joker

Make the best use of the joker to form the impure sequence/set. A joker always has 0 points- whether printed or wild card. It can be used in place of any card. So, make clever use of this wonderful option.

6. Eureka!

With some commitment of time and of course your skills, as soon as you accomplish the designated task, declare it right away on your turn by discarding the last card on the ‘finish’ button. Make a show of your cards and emerge a winner. You are entitled to a wonderful booty!

To Sum Up

Online Rummy is an easy game to play and master. It is a game for the masses and it its web avatar, you don’t have to look for partners around you. There are so many players from all parts of the country who play regularly and you are bound to find others just like yourself waiting at the tables online.

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