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The A to Z of How to Play Rummy Games

Author Prateek Date 20 Sep 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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The A to Z of How to Play Rummy Games

Playing Rummy Games in a Digital India is catching on fast as it has simplified playing and made transactions a breeze. The 21st century is more about innovation and improving the users experience rather than creating something from scratch. This long lost card game has been brought back to life in an attractive avatar. Rummy on the web is a game of pure skill, where forming valid sequences and sets is the crux of the story. Everybody deserves to be a champion, especially those who desire it. Here is how we roll!

The Goal

A pure mathematical game with constantly fluctuating cards makes online rummy most interesting. The goal is to arrange all 13 cards into sequences or sets and the one who does this first at the table wins the game. A minimum of two sequences are required with one mandatory pure sequence of at least three cards. The play starts with a toss that decides which player will make the first move.

“Always form a pure sequence first and then look for more options”

Tips and Tricks

There’s not a single master tip valid for all situations. Much depends on the real time situation. You need to analyze your cards and see which ones fit in. Keep an eye on the opponent’s discards also makes an essential vitamin for your game.

The Start

At the beginning of each game, 13 cards are dealt to each player. The first card of the pack is placed in the open deck, a wildcard joker card is selected and the remaining ones are placed in the closed deck.

What is a Joker and why it Matters?

The joker is a game changer that can possibly make or break your play. Most online rummy players love getting jokers. There are two types of jokers.

  1. Wild card Joker

    Once the cards are distributed between the players, a card is opened and placed below the closed deck. This is the wildcard joker card. All cards of this face value are jokers for that game. If the open joker is a printed joker, then all Aces automatically become wild card jokers.

  2. Printed Joker

    Only one printed joker is available in every deck.

When and How To Use a Joker Card

If 5 of spades is picked as the joker card, all 5’s irrespective of their suit will become joker cards in that round. Also, there is 1 picture joker in each deck. So in two decks, there will be 8+2 = 10 joker cards, 2 printed jokers and 8 selected jokers. You can use any joker to complete an impure sequence or set as it can substitute any card of your choice.

Players Turn

Each player gets a card from the closed deck and he or she discards a card to the open deck. This process is followed till one of the players at the table makes a declaration.

Points Calculation

As we have stated earlier, the game is all about making sequences and sets. Even if you are not winning, you should be minimizing the points you have in hand. All numbered cards carry points based on their face value. That means a 5 is 5 and 6 is 6.

“A losing player can get 80 points at the most”

The Drop Option

In all forms of Rummy Games, if an individual misses three consecutive turns, he or she will be dropped from the game. In this case, points are calculated on their respective hand score. They will get 20 points if they drop the game in the first turn. If one turn is played and the player decides to drop after 2 turns, they will get 40 points. Beyond the third turn, they will get 80 points.

To Sum Up

You can find more detailed information on playing online rummy in the Rummy Gyan section of our website. Besides, there are several videos you can watch to visually see how to play different variations. Finally, you can play practice games to polish your skills further.

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