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Play 13 card or 21 card Rummy Online. Which is better?

Author Prateek Date 30 Aug 2016
Published in Rummy Passion
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Play 13 card or 21 card Rummy Online. Which is better?

Indian Rummy is now available to play online and it is like a breeze of freshness. It is a relatively new concept which is going viral in the whole country. The engaging hypnotic effect of Indian Rummy on the Internet is the new stress buster that takes you away from boredom.

The game Rummy has gained a lot in terms of popularity and with several variations of the game now being offered, players are looking to show their skills in cyberspace. They are not always sure about which type of game they should be targeting. We have some advice that would help players in making their decision. Choosing between 13 or 21 card Rummy is quite complicated as both types have their respective pros and cons.

13 Card Rummy
13 Cards Rummy13 card Rummy is the most popular version of Indian rummy. There are many reasons behind it, and the primary one is “Complexity”. Playing 13 card rummy is a lot simpler and easier to learn, the degree of complexity is on the lower side than for other types of online Rummy. This does not indicate anything about competitiveness, in fact this type of rummy is played by the majority of players and the level of competition is brutal. We feel that by mastering 13 card Rummy it becomes a lot easier to switch to the higher card versions.

There exists another misconception about 13 card Indian Rummy regarding its global reach. The game has a universal appeal and is definitely not limited to the South-Asian continent; a lot of people across the world are very fond of it.

21 Card Rummy
21 Cards RummyThis version of Rummy is currently the talk of town. The 21 card game is often known to require a set of hardcore tactics and luck. It is quite time consuming, but this does not take away the factor of excitement from it. As fewer players have taken to it, the online rummy tournaments, competitions and even games are not very lucrative yet. Players may even find 21 card rummy tables unoccupied at times.

In our opinion, both types of Rummy, be it 13 or 21 cards are immensely popular among players. Picking one over another won’t do any justice to either of them. It is probably like Test Cricket and 20-20 Match, both offer excitement, but to a different audience.

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