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Internet Games you can Enjoy with Total Strangers

Author Priya Date 07 Jul 2017
Published in Rummy Passion
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Internet Games you can Enjoy with Total Strangers

Surprisingly every friend was once a complete stranger! Sharing the same frequency with like minded souls is bliss; where all of us can be ourselves. If you are passionate about games, you will be able to find that common ground which can potentially turn distant strangers into good friend. You don’t have to battle it out among the misfits anymore. Here are a few amazing online games that you can play against people you have never known:

Online Rummy

Birds of a feathers flock together, and when they flock; they fly high. The online rummy industry in India is buzzing right now. The zook–zook of cards and heart pumping excitement is like experiencing a roller coaster. The game begins with an equal distribution of 13 cards between players at a table and the whole play revolves around forming legitimate sequences and sets. The internet has been extremely helpful in reshaping rummy and lends a modern look and feel to the traditional game. Social lubrication has become a necessity and everybody needs it. Hanging out with rummy can make you wiser, richer and of course happy. Just register and get started.


Time and tide wait for none and change is the fundamental rule. This holds a lot of truth. There’s another side of the coin too, when there are very few changes to something. This is what makes it a classic. Just like a bottle of old wine, with time the most articulated game in history of mankind is getting better. Chess is frame of mind for an individual. It encompasses logical reasoning, assertion and improvising of strategies. It spins individuals who may otherwise be spread out geographically into a single thread. Online chess is the ideal for fans of this ancient game. Nothing superfluous, only the board, the opponent, the pieces and you!

The Strangers 4

Who doesn’t want to hold a sniper; it’s an art of squeezing the trigger for a headshot? The Stranger 4 is a blockbuster game with dozens of thrilling factors that can be best enjoyed by strangers. It involves getting inside an apartment and saving the hostages. You’ve got a mission to complete and saving humans is top priority. With amazing graphics and modern ammo, the game gives you a war zone like experience.

Sherwood Dungeon

A fantasy world is waiting for you to get in. A massive multiplayer 3D world, where you explore and interact with players around the world – all in your web browser! Where, you need to defend your honor in the battle field with players from everywhere. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and you can even customize your character.


A wise person once said, “Don’t play poker with strangers, they don’t care how good you are’’. That’s not the case anymore and the craziest game on the planet is here for you. It’s show time!

To Sum Up

Games have always been the bridge amongst strangers and with the advent of the Internet; the story has taken another turn. We’ve given you the top multiplayer online games in India including online rummy. See you at the tables!

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