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Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Online Rummy

Author Prateek Date 03 Jul 2017
Published in Rummy Passion
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Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Online Rummy

Online Rummy is mysterious - a shy introvert. If you make the first move forward then understanding it is not difficult. Sometimes, it is fun to know trivia about your passion. This blog gives you a much needed break from serious rummy strategy on winning and improving. Yet we hope to enlighten you to a few advantages you probably don’t know about rummy on the web.

Where the game came from

The first card game was cut out in China and later it spread to India, Persia and finally to the European continent. There are no concrete evidences about the origin of Rummy; in fact the available facts have not been confirmed by any agency. The game was famous in the 1960’s and early 70’s primarily in the southern part of the country. Today, it’s the most played online game on the web in India and the third most popular game across the globe.

The real social network

Socializing with like minded people makes you even wiser. Playing online rummy gives you a platform, where you meet new people who share the same passion, make new friends and become a part of the greatest community. The game isn’t only about playing your cards right, but living the thrill and excitement under the shade of 52 cards. The Indian culture has always been in love with celebrations and family reunions and Rummy is just the perfect activity to extend to happy times.

Each card has a tale to share

It was believed that each of the suits in a deck of a cards represented the four pillars of an economy. Spades represented the Army, Hearts represented the Church, Diamonds represented Commerce and Clubs represented agriculture. Among the 4 kings, only the king of hearts is without a mustache and also has a weapon behind his head.

Good for your brain

Practice of mathematics makes a person smart. Rummy involves many math concepts and activates your brain cells. It sharpens your reflexes too. The game is an institution in itself as it promises you a good time and also enhances your skills involving probability theory and permutation and combination. Also, rummy heads are better multi taskers as this skill comes handy to them. You have to be good at discarding, forming sequences, bluffing and calculations, all at the same time.

A great stress buster

Do you feel like taking a sabbatical from work? Are you suffering from TAT (tired all the time)? A routine has a flip side too, it makes you bound to certain things and exploration becomes a misfit. Playing online rummy games is refreshing; it’s a breeze of fresh air that gives you joy and a much needed change. The game demands that you to keep an eye on the opponent’s cards and observe their moves. Thus, you become better at processing information and this improves your decision making capability even when you are not playing rummy.

To Sum Up

The nation is going crazy for online rummy games. Thousands of players are having a great time with it, the prizes are great and winning is really awesome. The above mentioned views are based on our interaction with players on various occasions. Play rummy and feel the difference.

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