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Why you should know Advanced Rummy Tips for Skilled Players

Author Prateek Date 27 Jun 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Why you should know Advanced Rummy Tips for Skilled Players

It wasn’t too long ago when multiple blogs and articles on online rummy went viral across social media. Not surprisingly, each one had some degree of truth to back it. Many of us wouldn't want to forage through all the articles; in fact, we are looking for the one that holds the crux within. This blog is a well researched document that will help you overpower all the villains in the 13 Card Indian Rummy movie. Here are some advance tips for champions:

  1. Where your Value comes from

    You can steal the spotlight by keeping an eagle’s eye on the cards discarded by your neighbors. A genius wouldn’t randomly throw any card that may help their opponents in making a sequence. This makes you aware and it’s always a good routine to check the pile before discarding a false card. And, like we said before, the game isn’t always about forming a sequence, but sometimes keeping an invisible eye on the progression. In order to achieve and Earn More, use this trick and get better results.

  2. Joker is more than just a wild card

    A lot of players are not sure about the Joker Card. This card can also be used a little differently, with a little bit of twist. Discarding the cards closer to the Joker will give you an advantage over the others. Let's say,8 is the Wild Card Joker, you may discard cards like9, 10, 7, 6. There are good chances that your opponent won't pick the discarded cards or use a Joker to form a pure sequence. Players with years of experience are well aware of this fact and it’s the best way to bluff your opponents. It’s not like pulling out a rabbit out of a hat, but the degree of surprise is the same.

  3. Spot a Fish

    There’s an ancient adage which goes something like, To catch a fish, you’ve got to have a nice bait” and the same is absolutely correct for online rummy too. We've been taught to discard the high value cards in the beginning of the game so we can reduce point burden. If your opponent picks up your high value discarded card like K, you can easily predict she/he is trying to form a sequence with Q J ,10 J Q, orQ A. So don’t discard anything close to K. This particular trick is a great way to succeed at the game. It helps you buy some time so you can better plan your moves. You can also reverse this trick by keeping the higher point card as your opponents will discard high point cards during their opening moves.

  4. Don’t always look for sequences

    What? You must be kidding. How it can be! See, there’s a difference between forming sequences blindly and actually building the house of cards. There’s a famous trick that says Avoid making sequences with high value cards, for example J, Q, K is an unbending family. The Q won’t be mingling with many other cards; you can only combine it with other Queens in order to make a set. The same is not the case with number cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) the scope of a number is much more. You can manipulate 7 with either 8 or 6 of the same suite.

To Sum Up

Remember, an expert was once a beginner. It’s never too late to try out your hand at rummy and win exciting cash prizes and much more. The above mentioned tricks will surely elevate your game and take you to the next level. See you at our vibrant tables. Happy Rummy Games!

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