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When to Drop in Online Rummy

Author Priya Date 09 Jun 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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When to Drop in Online Rummy

If you are an avid online rummy player, you already know that it is as important to keep your points low as it is to make the quickest valid declare on the table. Cutting your loss when you are not confident of your cards can work out to be a powerful strategy. Many players have used this trick to keep their point score low and confidence high in the skill based card Game of Rummy.

Let’s try to understand what this strategy is and how you can use it to improve your skills. Before we get into the finer details, we should review the terms and rummy rules at Rummy Passion for exercising a drop.

  • First Drop – You can exercise the first drop in your very first turn. You will get only 20 points for the first drop.

  • Middle Drop – For the middle drop, you will get 40 points. If you decide to drop the game in the second or third turn, it is considered a middle drop.

In a 2 player Deals rummy game, you cannot exercise any drop.

Now let’s get into when you should exercise a drop during a game. There may be more reasons to drop, but we’ll only talk about the top 4 here:

  1. Very High Cards and no Pure Sequence

    When you see your dealt cards, the first thing you should look out for is if you have any pure sequence. In case you have no pure sequence and the majority of your cards are high cards, you should consider exercising the first drop. This is because in such a situation, your points score is very high and the possibility of being able to meld all cards into valid sequences and sets is very low.

  2. No Joker Cards and Very high Cards

    Another combination that should trigger a first drop is if you have no joker cards, printed or wildcard, and very high cards in hand. In this case, even if you have a pure sequence and you feel the remaining cards will be difficult to meld, the rummy trick is to drop the game. It is a personal call that you should take after you have analysed your cards. If your unarranged cards seem easy to meld, you could take a chance. You could wait till your second turn and then decide on a middle drop or complete the game if your confidence improves.

  3. Low Cards, No Pure sequence and No Joker Cards

  4. Many players get distracted when they see all low cards. Don’t be fooled by such a hand. You should check for Joker cards and a pure sequence before you begin your game. Although you may have a low point score, but not having any other advantage can put you at a risk. In this case, it may be wise to drop the game as it will take you many turns before you can meld all your cards into the required sequences and sets.

  5. No Sequential Cards

    You may have some Joker cards, in fact some times, having one or even multiple jokers can confuse the best of players. If you have jokers, but no pure sequence and all other cards are non sequential, you should drop the game. Non- sequential cards are basically when no 2 cards within the same suit are touching or consecutive.

Safety is sometimes the best policy in Rummy. You should check for a pure sequence, Joker Cards and points in hand before deciding if you should drop the game or continue playing it. As with all tips and tricks of the game, the ones mentioned here are suggestions and do not guarantee any wins. The best rummy trick we offer is that one should learn from prior mistakes and be very alert and observant during the game.

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