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The Story of an Experienced Rummy Player

Written by: Prateek
Published in: Rummy Passion
Date: 23 May 2017
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The Story of an Experienced Rummy Player

For us creating Rummy Passion is the best way to interact with people of our nation. In the past, gaming has been an activity which was not too common amongst the masses. It was an occasional practice as most interested people had limited access to it. Things have changed drastically and easier reach due to proliferation of smartphones and Internet accessibility have made a big difference. Our team visited several places in South India to get an idea about Why Rummy Matters to avid and passionate players and to hear their stories. We met many people throughout our journey from bankers to shopkeepers to school teachers and here is an interesting story we’d like to share.

We were amazed to see Shah Rukh and Amitabh Bachchan hanging out together! How is that possible, you may ask. There’s a village called Bhadrapur, where people name their children after celebrities. Amazing, isn’t it. While we were on our way to Vellore, we met Mr. Vaishnav Rama, a building contractor and a passionate rummy player. It was an unplanned trip for us and we later got to know more about his game experiences. We talked about rummy tips and tricks and how the game has made a difference in his life.

Q1. Why Rummy? What Made you stick with it for so long?

We were expecting a straight answer and Mr. Rama didn’t disappoint. I grew up in a typical Tamil family, my father worked as an accountant in a nearby petrol pump and he was always caught up with work. The second half of the month was extremely contained, regardless of following such a tight schedule for almost the whole week, he did manage to buy some time out for us. A pro Rummy player with amazing skills of forming the sequences and dissolving them with ease, he taught me the probability and permutations by giving me a demo of the game. I still use the same pedagogical ways to teach my co players. The game has been around for a few decades. If you see the educational aspect, especially the mathematical one, practicing it is the best way to learn.

Q2. Have you played the game on the Internet? How’s the whole experience been?

Initially I wasn’t prepared for it. Being old school, the computer and Internet for me were intimidating. The buzz was around and frankly I was ignoring it as much as possible. I was happy with my cards and Rummy days at clubs or at a friend’s place. After a long self fought battle, I joined last December and must say it really wasn’t that difficult. It has helped me a lot in improving my game. You’ve got to admit it, the play has become extremely competitive but the prizes are superb as well. The regular bonuses and promotions are quite a deal, so my overall experience is very good.

Q3. What’s the advise that you would like to give to the new players?


“ If you’re not a part of the steamroller, you become a part of the road”

If you are looking to try out online rummy, there are few things that you must consider.

• Always read comprehensively about the website you are about to choose. A certified software platform is the biggest credential of trust and integrity. The possibility of any manipulation reduces substantially in this case.

• Lucrative bonuses, regular promotions, fast withdrawals, friendly and multilingual customer support are some of the crucial parts that I think every player should consider before they sign up.

To Sum Up

We had a great time with Mr. Rama. After listening to him, we are proud and privileged to be India’s most loved site. We hope you had a great time with us. See you at the Tables.

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