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Rummy Leaderboard - Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in April 2017

Written by: Prateek
Published in: Winners
Date: 17 May 2017
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Rummy Leaderboard - Top Ten Winners at Rummy Passion in April 2017

Our online rummy leaderboard for April 2017 is here. It’s an exciting time because many new players have entered leaving behind some of the older names. Time flies and another glorious month of thrill and fun are finally over. The love for the game and an approach to deliver the best has always been our driving force. Initially, Online Rummy was presented as a play without exciting graphics and lucrative promotions. That took away charisma from the game. We’ve worked on every aspect that was limiting the scope of this vintage game and have endeavored to make your experience at our rummy tables more vibrant and striking.

April is considered to be the 30 days of novelty. It marks the official arrival of summer in India. This time April saw a lot of action with Rummy and IPL cricket. Both games have a number of similarities as both are skill based games and both are extremely popular in our country. We’ve blended the two and the result is an epic buffet of entertainment. Players can enjoy this IPL season with a 100% Match Bonus amount up to Rs 5000. Apart from these, we are also offering multiple promotions on Deals, Points and Pool Rummy games. Here we present the leader board of our top ten players in the month of April.

RankPlayer NameAmount Won (`)
1 vioparthi 3,037,352
2 anna 1,649,745
3 THAMBI 1,543,190
4 hrtline 1,317,857
5 Jungletiger 929,237
6 Jinny 864,495
7 arti 753,258
8 arjunnafi 557,809
9 a1b2c3 417,839
10 Idiot555 384,983

Learning is a constant cycle on the road of improvement. Passion is not just a text book word for us; it is an integral part of our lives. Our promotions are absolutely genuine with no hidden or “*” conditions. Join us for the finest rummy offers and promotions. See you at the Tables!

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