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How to use a Joker like a Pro

Written by: RummyPassion
Published in: Rummy Passion
Date: 09 May 2017
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How to use a Joker like a Pro

Learn how to use a Joker card to win online rummy games. A printed or a wildcard joker card can prove to be your best friend at a rummy table. Winning cash games is the greatest high for a player. Nothing can be more satisfactory and joyous than experiencing victory. A sudden gush of dopamine is like inhaling a blast of fresh oxygen. You can increase frequency of your rummy game wins by understanding that the Joker Card is the navigator of your rally car.

What’s the whole Mystery behind the Joker

What exactly is a joker card? There are 2 types of joker cards – printed and wildcard. The wildcard joker changes from game to game as it is a card that is randomly picked from the remaining deck after cards are distributed to players seated at the table. This card is placed on the shooting blanket with its face showing up to all the players. There are 4 wildcard jokers in each deck of cards. If multiple decks are being used, there will be 4*Number of decks = total wildcard jokers. There is one printed joker in every deck. One wildcard joker is not available to players as it sits exposed under the closed deck.

So in two decks of cards, there will be 8 + 2 = 10 Joker Cards

The rules are the same, the cards are the same so what makes you a stand out performer? To be the king or queen of the clan, you need to utilize the Joker in the best possible way. And by doing so, the probability of you singing the champion song would increase substantially.

How to Use a Joker Card

You can substitute a joker card for any card that you are seeking to complete a sequence or a set. All joker cards have the same importance and can be used in the same manner. The sequence thus formed will be an impure one. When you hold joker cards in your hand, you can complete the incomplete sequences much faster and subsequently declare faster too. They have no restrictions. All the Aces are considered Joker cards in case a picture joker happens to be the open Joker.

Remember, Jokers are Wild Cards that can be used in place of any other card to form a Valid but impure Sequence or Set

Anticipating your opponent's strategy is a vital part of the game play. Experience is the best teacher as it guides you about the game and won't let you repeat mistakes.

What’s more?

That’s not all! Absolutely not. This wildcard can be a game saver as you can use in both pure (as itself) and impure sequences. Also, it gives you an idea about the opponent’s card hunt. In order for you to make a valid declare, you must have at least one 3 card (minimum) pure sequence and one impure sequence. The game of rummy allows you to use multiple jokers to make a valid impure sequence or set. You are also allowed to use a wild card joker as a true card, i.e. as its actual self. Another fact to remember is that if an opponent discards a joker card purposely or by error, no other player can pick up that card

To Sum Up

There’s no pause button in the card game rummy as it is not a Nintendo game. The points we’ve mentioned won’t make you an overnight champion, but will improve your game to a great extent. Getting an idea about the joker would minimize your chances of losing. It is a Joker’s world! All pro rummy players share this feeling and so do we!

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