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Important Withdrawal Questions Asked by Indian Rummy Players

Author Priya Date 07 Apr 2017
Published in Rummy Passion
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Important Withdrawal Questions Asked by Indian Rummy Players

Withdrawals are a very important part of a rummy players overall experience. Reading a 500 word article sometimes becomes a strapping task, but when it's about finding out solutions, it’s a good idea to show some patience. Being India’s favourite rummy website has given us an opportunity to understand the user’s expectations and what an ideal rummy website should be like. Providing a digitally rich and fair gaming experience requires more than the technology. We are open for feedback and are our own worst critics. Here are some frequently asked questions by users and our answers to them.

Q1. If I have requested a withdrawal, can I reverse it?

Of course you can! To reverse your withdrawal request, please log in to you account, go to "Withdrawal Cash" tab and than "Withdrawal Request Status". Here you can see all your withdrawals status and you can click on 'Reverse' for the withdrawal request you wish to reverse. After reversing your withdrawal, your account balance will get automatically credited with the amount reversed. You can use this option instead of depositing should you wish to make a deposit after withdrawal. You can use it to play cash rummy games at Many players do this when their account balance runs below the minimum amount required to sit at the tables. Just remember to request a reversal before your withdrawal request is approved. Our processing department gives you 24 hours to reverse your withdrawal.

Q2. I am still not sure about withdrawals? How can I request a withdrawal in the fastest way?

As a player at Rummy Passion, you can request a maximum of Rs 10,00,000 per transaction in the silver tier. The maximum withdrawal limit will increase as you move up higher in loyalty tiers. Many players have asked this question from time to time, and before we get into the details of it, here’s a quick guide to withdrawals.

“We are a customer oriented online rummy website and our mission is to provide the best digital gaming experience to Indian Rummy players. The exchange of money to perform gaming activities is constantly monitored and the probability of any financial vulnerability is very low.”

The online transfers are processed on all working days (Monday to Friday except holidays). Though the processing begins immediately when you make a request you can expect the amount to be credited to your bank account in 3 to 4 working days. This is because there are some more steps which have to be completed by the transaction processing company and your bank. You could see the amount in your account earlier also but a 3-4 day period is the maximum it could take. In case, the predefined threshold is violated, we request our players to please contact our customer helpline and we will do the needful to keep everything is an absolute perfect order.

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